Microsoft .Net Technologies

Our development stack for the web, mobile and desktop consist primarily of Microsoft .Net platform with best-of-breed products and leading-edge technologies/tools . This does not mean that other platforms cannot be targeted, take our mobile web application which runs in the Apple iPhone Safari browser.

Beside tools directly from Microsoft we use a line of tools that complement the .Net development environment. Below is a list of a few of the tools:

  • Iron Speed Designer
  • Active Reports
  • Crystal Reports
  • Telerik Control Suite
  • IP Works
  • Adobe Product Suite
  • Red Gate SQL Compare
  • VMWare Workstation
  • {smartassembly}
  • MySQL Database
  • InstallAware

WEB 2.0 Applications

Take your vision to a higher level with a web application designed to make your entire company more visible and productive.  By using the latest tools available we can rapidly create a cost effective web application for your company.  When you are in need of a custom solution we can lead the initiative from specification gathering to end product with training.  Don’t take our word for it call us today and let us give you a demo of a web application we’ve developed.

Mobile Web: Since the internet is about having your application available anytime or anywhere you need to access it, then let’s take it a step further.  How about making your application ultra portable and accessible with your smart phone.  We’ve taken the concept of creating a web application and moved it to a mobile platform.  It’s not a matter of just being able to browse to an application but to have it where it’s actually usable.  This is where the creativity of taking the workable form factor and making it usable, not just trying to make it fit.  We can either take an existing site and integrate it or create a separate companion site for your mobile vision.  If you need to give mobile visibility to a desktop application call us and we’ll show you how it’s possible.  Call us today for your demo.


Web Application Hosting

Once your web application is completed and you are satisfied with it, then you may need a place to present it to the world.  While we are developing your application it’ll be hosted on our server for you to make sure it meets your specification.  Once the development phase is complete and you are ready to put it into production we can simple move it to production and you’re done.

No matter the size of your application there is a hosting option that can be tailored to fit. Whether your application needs to scale or if it needs a managed hosting environment talk to use about it. There are many options available for hosting your application.

Desktop Applications

We’ve taken many customers ideas and made them reality through developing enterprise level desktop applications.  Whether it’s a single purpose application or one that is distributed through channel partners we’re ready for the task.  Today desktop applications are really a hybrid with the web playing a bigger role in their development.

I can talk about one customer who has four different platforms for a single application.  (Desktop, web, mobile, web services)  The original was presented as a desktop application in which meter detail was imported from an Excel spreadsheet.  As the success of the application grew there was a need to create a distributed echo system where each user could maintain their own data but be synchronized back to a main server in the background.  The reason I mention this is that desktop and web development are now inexplicable linked and requires the expertise to make it work.  No matter what the scale is call us today with your requirements.

Software & Technology Consulting

Software Applications Development and Enhancements

  • Comprehensive Freight Broker Management
  • Supplement in-house software development
  • Structured Methods
  • Business Process Review
  • Application Integration
  • Work Order System for Support Organizations
  • Reverse Logistics Management

Information Systems Infrastructure Review

  • Procedure Audits-Security Assessment
  • Compliance Review
    -Disaster Planning
    -Emergency Response Planning
  • Help Desk Management

Technology Update

  • Networking analysis
  • Resource Assessment - Software and Hardware
  • Technology Renewal

Information Technology Strategy

  • Web Access and E-Commerce Services
  • Business Intelligence Systems

IS Productivity Tools and Improvements

Project Management

EDI/WEB Services

What ever form your EDI takes talk to use about your requirements.  We know and understand the different standards related to EDI and that sometimes EDI doesn’t necessarily fit into any standard.  We understand the difference between a segment and a qualifier and also know the difference between an XML or CSV files.  From the initial contact to discuss what type of documents will be exchanged and required data elements put us in contact with your trading partner and we’ll do the rest.

If your communications take a different path or include web services we can handle that to.  Web services have tremendous potential to expose and consume different elements of your business workflow.  Whether you need to expose a piece of your business logic for others to consume or just hand off documents call us to discuss.

Legacy Systems

We’ve been able to step in to support legacy systems where the original developer has abandoned the application.  This includes day-to-day operational support and a phased migration of the application to a modern platform if needed.  

There are situations where the applications just work and there is no major requirement to do anything but some basic support is still required.  In this situation we can provide an as needed support to help you through your situation. Contact us so we can talk about what your needs are.