Disaster Recovery Plan

What would you do after a fire or flood caused your servers to be inaccessible… when disaster strikes many companies are unprepared, which can prevent you from continuing normal operations, and result in lost revenue or even going out of business.

Key to surviving is a business continuity plan, which consists of a set of policies and procedures for reacting to and recovering from an IT disabling disaster. Visual Freight Broker can be an integral part of your disaster recovery plan, and strategically positions your company with a competitive advantage.

How does it work? We'll setup a web site on our servers with an exact copy of Visual Freight Broker (VFB) that's running on your server even if it's customized. Your company’s recovery site would be accessed by launching a browser and typing http://YourCompanyName.VisualFreightBroker.com in the address bar. In the event of a disaster we'll take your latest database backup and restore it to our database server. As soon as the database is restored your company’s information is back online and ready to continue with its business.

Another competitive advantage brought to you by VisualFreightBroker.com!

If you would like more information please contact us at or by phone at (678) 362-2035