Visual Freight Broker Mobile

We’re excited to introduce Visual Freight Broker Mobile. VFB Mobile is another exciting product that complements our existing line of freight broker software. The feed back that we’ve received on this product has been outstanding.

Freight brokers have always known the importance and necessity of being mobile. How many times have you needed to access some information in your freight broker application after hours or during the weekend? With the evolution of the mobile platform, there is no reason you should not have access to the information in your freight broker application at anytime and more import anywhere.

Continuing with our innovation we have delivered Visual Freight Broker Mobile for accessing your information from your mobile phone. Sign in to VFB Mobile using your standard sign in and start accessing your data just by tapping selections on your phone. This can be done virtually anywhere you have a phone signal and a mobile browser.

Imagine you have an after hours call from a driver looking for a phone number for a shipment that they are delivering but your away from any computer. While you have the carrier on the phone sign in to VFB Mobile and get the information you need in real time. In addition to being a time saver it could mean the difference between having a satisfied customer or not.

Get immediate real time access to your customers, carriers, contacts, and any detail about shipments in your system. Use the built in hyper-links to dial phone numbers or send e-mails.

Contact us today to get your free demo of VFB Mobile and see for yourself what it can do for your business.

NOTE: Requires a data access plan through your phone provider.