We understand that one size does not fit all so we have several installation options. Don't see an option that fits your needs contact us and we can tailor one to fit.

Option 1: There are many customers who want to host their applications and data on inhouse servers. Visual Freight Broker can be hosted on your own servers for the ultimate flexiablility and control over the software and data. 1 2

Option 2: Given the ready availability of Virtual Private Servers Visual Freight Broker can be installed on your own VPS. The application and data are exclusive to your own VPS. 1,2

Option 3: Our most afforable option is to use Visual Freight Broker as a shared hosted application. This means that we host the application and data on or own servers. The application is used by other users on the server but the data remains seperated by company. This can be an attractive option for a low cost entry point.

If your needs are unique and want a head start, we can use Visual Freight Broker as your base to build it. Contact us to discuss your options.

1. Requires MS Windows operating system and IIS.
2. VFB cannot be sublicensed as a software service to other brokers.

Disaster Recovery Plan

What would you do after a fire or flood caused your servers to be inaccessible… when disaster strikes many companies are unprepared, which can prevent you from continuing normal operations, and result in lost revenue or even going out of business. Read more...