Client Visibility

Reduce the number of phone calls your company has to manage on a daily basis by giving your customer visibility into their shipments. VFB comes with a companion site called VFB Client Visibility that allows your customers to have read-only access to their shipments detail. Since it’s a web based application all your customer needs is to have access to a browser, there is no software for them to install. VFB gives you the control to decide which customer should have access by letting you assign them a user name and password. There is also tracking of the last date and time the customer signed into the system. VFB will determine that the user name is unique so there are no conflicts. Along with the shipment detail the customer has visibility into the charges and check calls. Should your customer need some additional detail let us know and well add it.

Your customer will have some of the same search and filtering capabilities that is built into the main application so they can do their own research.